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About us

Who we are:

All Area Events is an all-round international entertainment and production agency specialised in creative realizations.
Over the past 7 years All Area Events has evolved with the market in order to remain at the pinnacle of creativity with regards to the services we offer.

What we do:

We offer a large network of host(s)essess, models, dancers, acrobats, actors and entertainers.
Our well-stocked database offers a wide range of all-rounders that can be used during (bussiness) events, fairs, festivals, presentations, club nights, fashion shows, weddings, birthday party’s, photo shoots, commercials or simply… Your event.

Why us:

We will help you achieve your goals with original and mindblowing creations.
We will put “the cherry on your cake”.



Themes from A to Z


Black & White, Blue, Fluo, Gold, Multicolor, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Yellow & Any color of the rainbow


Angels & Devils, Fairytales, Mermaids, Nymphs, Super-Heroes, Mini Mouse...


Arabic, Belgium, Brasil, Chinese, Dutch, Egypt, French, German, Hawai, Italian, Japanese (Geisha), Russian, Spanish, USA...


Christmas, Easter, Féte des Belges, Halloween, New Years Eve, Saint Nicolas, Valentine's Day...


Cat Woman, Coyote Ugly, Crimi Clowns, Gladiator, Great Gatsby, Malificent, Moulin Rouge, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Tarzan, V For Vendetta...


Army, Astronauts, Criminals, Doctor & Nurse, Farm Girls, Fireman, Maid, Police & Bandits, Secretary / Teacher...


Ballet, Boxing, Fitness, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Wintersports...


Candy Shop, Flower Power, Fur, Lady Gaga, LMFAO, Nerd...

ShowBallet / Choreography

We create costumed, choreographed shows of great themes...

For example

Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Cabaret...


Upgrade your event with an "Eyecatcher"

Champagne Glass

Miss Champagne




Stroling Tables

Asia, Tropical, Baroque...

Cupcake Girls

Human Buffet

Candy Girls

Special Themes

From Paris To Ibiza


Welcome your guests in a creative way

Polaroid Hostess

Abstract Animation

Bugs & Bambi

Little People

Stilt Walkers

Retro Ice Cream Bike

Including a beautiful hostess and the famous belgian fresh made Averbode ice-cream


Close-up Magic

Fire Acts

Freaky Clowns

Snake Acts


Stilt Baloon Artist

And much more...


Meet our creatures


Hosting: Brands & Logo's


Banding girls

Burlesque Show

Topless Coyote

Topless Waitresses

Kinki Girls

and much more...








Ladies Night


Gay 2 Gay




Artists: Choreography & Dancers:
– Redfoo LMFAO
– Haddaway
– Vanilla ice
– Modo
– Pat krimson
– Zohra
– Zippora
– Kaye styles (’05,’06,’07 choreografie & dansers )
– Christina Aguilera Back to basic tour voorprogramma met Kaye styles in Rotterdam & Antwerpen choreografie & dansers
– Leki
– Lunaman
– Brahim
– Ali tcheelab
– Laura
– Hadise
– X-elementz dancer
– Roxane choreografie & dansers
– Ali & laura choreografie & dansers
– Kaye styles choreografie & dansers
– Bob sinclar ( tmf awards )

– Kate ryan all for you ( choreografie )
– Laura shatered ( choreografie )
– Coke light feel for me baby ( choreografie & dansers )
– Viper blue sunshine ( imago,choreografie & dansers )
– White widow ( imago,choreografie &
– VT4 zomer spot
– Zippora

Models and Choreography:
– Indola Joeri op debeeck
– Rotterdam hairstyle
– Kortrijk Hairstyle
– Haarshows Lanza
– choreografie Rebel Fashion show
– Fashion days for Trade mart brussels
– Photoshoot for pact systems
– Move x modelling
– “So what” runway Belgium
– “So what” photoshoot Spain
– Atmoz calendar photoshoot
– Bjorn borg swimwear runway fashion show @ Zillion
– Fashion days trade mart Brussels
– Pact systems
– Indola
– L’anza
– So what photoshoot spain
– Bjorn Borg swimwear fashion show

TV shows:
– 10 otz
– eurosong
– ketnet
– wheels in action sportpaleis antwerp
– top of the pops
– canada video award with viper
– france rtl with viper

– Bozzini the netherlands
– La rocca
– Versuz
– Le you
– Studio 54 and sportpaleis
– Only white party’s
– etc…

TV & Shows : choreography:
– Tomorrowland : Redfoo LMFAO
– I love the 90’s
– Radio 2 Préhistorie tour België
– De provincie show tv1
– 10 om te zien diverse artiesten
– Eurosong choreografie & dansers
– Ketnet freez met kaye styles
– Wheels in action sportpaleis Antwerps dansacts
– Top of the Pops diverse artiesten
– Canada video award met Viper blue sunshine
– France RTL met viper
– Jim tv: going out, going nuts party, golden angels gouden gids..
– De gouden schoen
– Studio 54
– Choreography Rebel fashion show

Events, Beurzen, b2b, Branding, Hosting
– Vtm ( vmma events )
– Launge CLA Mercedes
– Samsung
– Jupiler
– Veneuz horeca beurs
– Corona
– Autosalon ( audi, volkswagen, mercedes ..)
– Kinepolis avant premieres
– De nacht
– Bal der bals
– Kokorico
– Spirito Church
– Martinibar
– Only white party’s Oostende
– Carré Willebroek
– Sunstudio
– Diedjies
– Fabriek
– Le you Brussels
– Cafeina
– Willy’s moustache
– Villa antwerp
– Beachland
– Tomorrowland
– Studio 54 sportpaleis Antwerpen
– Bootynight silo 4 Jim tv
– Culture Club Going nuts party
– Summerfestival
– Ostend beach
– Mixx NL
– Mondial NL
– Revolution DE
– Bypass LU
– Retro FR

Modeling, Hair & Glamour:
– choreography Rebel fashion show
– hairshows indola joeri op debeeck
* Rotterdam hairstyle
* Kortrijk Hairstyle
– hairshows Lanza
– move x modelling
– so what runway Belgium
– so what photoshoot Spain
– photoshoot atmoz calendar
– bjorn borg swimwear runway fashion show @ Zillion
– fashion days runway fashion show trade mart brussels
– photoshoot for Pact systems
– queen of clubs Belgium ’97

Booking / Contact

Contact us:
+32 11 41 39 16
+32 473 97 48 39

Stationstraat 26, 3350 Linter (Belgium)

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